Beto Gatti

Amid the vastness of the Atacama Desert, the “Atacama” campaign for Docthos.

Directed by the renowned Betto Gatti, it is a visual journey that transcends time and space. steel, portraying the magnitude of the human adventurous spirit. In the TRIO HUB portfolio, this film stands out as a narrative that challenges our limits and inspires the search for the unknown. The evocative image of the protagonist gazing at the open horizon is not just a scene – it is a metaphor for the traveler in all of us, seeking to explore, discover and live fully. The Atacama Desert, with its immensity and barren beauty, serves as the perfect backdrop for this exploration, symbolizing the challenges and beauty of life’s journey. Every frame of this commercial is a reminder that sometimes true discovery lies in the journey, not the destination. TRIO HUB invites you to explore how fashion and lifestyle meet at the intersection of adventure and self-expression. Come see what else our portfolio has to offer at, where each campaign is a new journey waiting to be discovered.