Rapha Coutinho

The Art of Smiling: Colgate Equity Celebrates Friendship.

Colgate has always known that a smile has the power to bring people together. “Colgate Equity”, directed by Rapha Coutinho and produced remotely during the pandemic by TRIO HUB, the brand celebrates not only oral health, but the contagious joy of true friendship. With the slogan “Celebrating friendship”, the commercial brings to the screen authentic moments of companionship and shared happiness in different countries on the American continent. It highlights the ability of a smile to overcome barriers and bring people closer, even in times when we are physically distant. The visual narrative created conveys a warm and inclusive message, showing that a smile can indeed brighten someone’s day. We, at TRIO HUB, specialize in telling these stories. Stories that go beyond a product or service and touch the hearts and minds of the public. We invite you to explore our portfolio at https://triohub.io and see how our passion for creating authentic connections can help elevate your brand. Come discover how the smiles we promote with Colgate can inspire smiles around the world. Because every smile shared is a step towards a happier and more connected world.