Dare to Dream




Sebastien Guy

Discover what it means to dare to dream with Hong Qi and be inspired to achieve the extraordinary.

The synergy between innovation and dreams is palpable in Hong Qi’s latest “Dare to Dream” commercial, a visual spectacle orchestrated by Sebastien Guy. The film, a notable addition to the TRIO HUB portfolio, captures the essence of the Hong Qi brand: daring to dream of a future of infinite possibilities. This visual journey, traveling along roads that stretch as far as the eye can see, is a metaphor for the direction Hong Qi is taking – moving fearlessly into the new, the unknown, the extraordinary. With an elegant and confident drive, the commercial reflects the quality and luxury that Hong Qi embodies, and that TRIO HUB is pleased to highlight. At https://triohub.io, every project is an opportunity to push boundaries, to create content that not only catches attention, but also resonates emotionally with the audience. This commercial is no exception, and we invite marketers and automotive innovation enthusiasts to explore how we can help turn visions into reality.