Kite Fight


New York Times


Gui Tensol

The Flight of Imagination: “Kite Fight” and the Beauty of Visual Narrative.

Towering above vibrant urban communities, the kite is not just a children’s toy, but a fascinating metaphor for the freedom and creativity that drive our lives. “Kite Fight,” a landmark project that has been featured in the renowned New York Times, is a vivid illustration of these principles and a showcase of the most notable visual storytelling of our time. In this inspiring project, we recognize and celebrate your strength and beauty. The image of the young woman with her kite in front of an urban landscape full of life is an invitation to explore the heights of human potential and the courage to fly against the wind, in search of higher dreams. For marketers and content creators looking for inspiration and innovation, TRIO HUB offers a collection of visual stories that push the boundaries of the ordinary. “Kite Fight” is an example of our passion for curating projects that communicate, engage and move people, both emotionally and physically. We invite you to visit our portfolio and discover how we can help take your brand to new horizons. With creativity, passion and a touch of rebellion, every campaign we promote is a chance for brands to soar, capturing the hearts and minds of a global audience. Come with us and enjoy the view from the top!