Que Bien Que La Estoy Pasando


Navarro Correas


Juani Ponce

The Uncomplicated Pleasure of Wine: “Que Bien Que La Estoy Pasando”.

In a world where every second counts, there are moments that deserve to be savored in peace. The commercial “Que Bien Que La Estoy Pasando”, by Navarro Correas, directed by Juani Ponce, captures precisely this: the uncomplicated pleasure of enjoying a good wine, a celebration of life and small daily luxuries. This image, part of the TRIO HUB portfolio, shows a jovial and relaxed man, enjoying the serenity of a moment alone, accompanied only by a glass of quality wine. He invites us to take a breather from the demands of everyday life and find joy in simple things. TRIO HUB understands the importance of creating authentic emotional connections through powerful images that enrich people’s lives. Discover in our portfolio at https://triohub.io how the art of storytelling can be used to enhance every aspect of your brand, attracting consumers who value both quality and genuine moments of pleasure. Let’s together elevate the experience of enjoying life’s good wines.