We Are What We Nurture




Rapha Coutinho

Come taste tradition and innovation with Wickbold, and see how a simple loaf of bread can be transformed into a culinary work of art.

The aroma of fresh bread coming out of the oven is one of the warmest, most inviting sensations there is. The Wickbold campaign, directed by Rapha Coutinho, captured in our collection at TRIO HUB, transforms this simple act of baking bread into an almost mystical experience, which awakens all the senses. This commercial is not just about the final product, but about the passion and care that goes into the process of creating something as fundamental, yet as essential as bread. The image of bread slowly browning in the oven is a metaphor for the human warmth and dedication that Wickbold puts into each product it makes. At TRIO HUB, we appreciate beauty in craftsmanship, storytelling in every detail, and that’s what we look for in every project we choose for our portfolio. Discover at https://triohub.io how we can help tell your brand’s story, not just with words, but with experiences that will remain in your customers’ memories and taste buds.